30 thoughts on “Rabbitat film

  1. It’s soo beautiful! The world you are creating seems to be full of love and it reminds me of Astrid Lindgren books. It creates an atmosphere rarely found today.

  2. BEAUTiFuL video! So fun to watch you create. I really wish somebody would of taught me how to embroidery or any needlecraft really as a child. My daughter is learning so much about handcrafting at the Waldorf School she attends. It is such a gift.

  3. Dear Sally I met you at Periwinkles, a baby and childrens store in Wellsley Ma. I just love your designs and purchased my first book which you autuographed Mary Had a Little Lamb, I believe. Also purchased other books since then and since I have Lyme disease and under the weather a lot, I like to get lost in your beautiful world. Thankyou so much, first time I have been on your sight the movie was great.. Many MANY thanks for all the love you put into your books! Lynne

  4. Salley,
    Your talents are outstanding. Thank you for sharing your creativity with the world. Your skills and talents have surpassed art or craft but are really a whole new creation. Wow.

  5. I have followed your work for 15 years or so, but just discovered your blog and this amazing film. I just love it and will be sharing it with my stitching friends. Thank you!

  6. I look forward to your emails and watching you work is amazing! The little film is fantastic. I have been creating some of your characters from Felt Wee Folk and I just love them! Thanks for sharing!

  7. I love this little film, and how wonderful to hear and see you salley after admiring you for so long. The details and time you put into your work is just amazing. As a stitcher I can really appreciate this about your work. I will return to this film many times so that I make sure to catch every detail! Thank You

  8. What fun to have a look into your studio and surroundings. It was like having a little personal visit, really delightful. I can’t resist your blog!

  9. Have always enjoyed your work. Bought one of your books for my artist daughter at Cataumet Art Center years ago, knowing you would provide her inspiration. She just connected me with your website. Lovely. I love the Rabbitat! Your work is hopeful, so important for all of us, especially children. Thank you very much. Look forward to getting a copy of your most recent work. I know several children who will enjoy it.

    My daughter Cynthia Treen’s website, Threadfollower.com is listed below. We look forward to meeting you someday.

  10. Oh, Salley, as I read through your blog and watched this film, I fell in love with you! :=) You must be an amazing person with the warmest heart to find beauty in every tiny thing and share us with your magic, and your art is truely fantastic. I am so glad that I find your artwork. Thank you for sharing your magic!

  11. What a magical place is Rabbitat :) The filmmakers have done such a lovely portrait of you, and the music matches your work beautifully! Thank you for sharing your work with us yet again, you really are an inspiration to so many.

  12. Joy Joy Joy…such inspiration…such talent…such FUN! How fortunate you are in loving what you do and how fortunate we are that you share this blessing with us in so many ways! Thank YOU!

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